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Who, how & what?
who we are?

Image Architects are a very experienced team in vast fields of expertise. We are able to grow your brand and take it to new levels. We are all about producing the best possible product at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. We create digital content through videos, photography, design, social media marketing and branded apparel. Each one of these formats can play an important role together, or individually, to boost your brand. 

Image Architects provides an opportunity for individuals to create and connect with brands they love in a unique and intentional way. Many want some sort of recognition in the digital world to increase sales or just to gain more followers; a brand helps achieve this. 

Image Architects facilitates brand connection by helping individuals and small businesses create memorable content. From conceptualization to that unique and recognizable logo that stands out. Engaging and intentional promotional videos are created to help brands better connect with their audiences and showcase individuals in their unique way. Our professional team of photographers capture high quality photos that showcase your brand’s personality. 

how we roll?

There are many ways of communicating through numerous platforms to showcase your brand. Image Architects have chosen five main categories, BUT are not limited to... 


Photography has evolved over the many years it has been in existence and a picture still says a thousand words. 

Our professional and award winning photographers of 20 + combined years of experience will help capture your best image. 

We cater for all your photography needs. Let us help you show the world a brand and image that is uniquely you.


If a picture says a thousand words, then imagine what 60 secs of video will say... 144000 words perhaps?

Videography has always been a powerful medium. You can showcase a brand or tell a story in a unique way that will enhance your message or personality.

From workout videos to promo videos to campaigns we offer affordable rates that fit your budget. 

Digital content

Digital content has taken the world by storm. It is now one of the leading forms of marketing in this current day and age.

In order to keep up with this fast paced world, you need to constantly create content to remain relevant and to stay ahead of your competitors. 

With affordable and competitive pricing, Image Architects would like to assist you in your digital marketing content.

social media management

Your brand needs to stay relevant and ahead of your competition. 

Engagement has become an integral part of building a relationship between brand and audience. 

We are able to assist you in increasing your social media presence by helping you to understand your audience through analytics and current trends. We can enhance brand awareness and encourage creative engagement through campaigns.

what our clients say...